Slit Couplings

Slit Couplings

Due to their unique slit structure with different angular positions the design, also known as sliced couplings, can compensate possible shaft misalignments and transmit relatively high torques at compact dimensions. They are backlash-free and characterized by a high rigidity which leads to very good positioning accuracy in dynamic drives. The version in stainless steel are particularly suitable for the food sector and pharmaceutical technology.


  • Slit Coupling with collet clamps
  • For shaft diameters from 3 mm - 40 mm 
  • Torque range: 3 - 240 Nm


  • Slit Couplings with split hubs
  • For shaft diameters from 6 mm - 40 mm 
  • Torque raqnge: 10 bis 240 Nm