Rigid Shaft Couplings

Rigid Shaft Coupplings

Rigid couplings are small, compact power packs to transfer high torques at a minimum of available space. This type of coupling is used to connect several shafts or to improve the ease of installation for example for the use in mixers.


  • Rigid Shaft Coupling split
  • Shaft diameter: 6-50mm
  • Torque range: 30-2250Nm


  • Rigid Shaft Coupling single slit, in stainless steel
  • Shaft diameter: 6mm - 50 mm
  • Torque range: 25-1875 Nm


  • Rigid Shaft Coupling, split
  • Shaft diameter: 5-52 mm
  • Torque range: 30-2250 Nm


  • Starre Wellenkupplung in Edelstahl
  • Wellendurchmesser von 5-52 mm
  • Drehmomentbereich von 25-1875Nm