Safety Couplings

Torque Limiters

Our safety/overload couplings are based on the ball-in-detent principle and they are absolutely backlash free due to the KBK-specific arrangement of the balls as locking element. Each safety coupling is adjusted and tested to the release torque requested by the customer. After the initial operation, the release torque can be adjusted continuously by the customer. KBK safety couplings are available in four different function modes and numerous versions for direct and indirect drives. Apart from our wide standard product range, we also offer replicas of already existent safety couplings (for example trademark GERWAH).

Safety Couplings with ball bearings

to our series L

Safety Couplings with bush bearings

to our series C

Safety Couplings with metal bellows

to our series B

Safety Couplings with elastomer inserts

to our series E

Possible systems with safety couplings

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