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  • Torque range 2Nm - 580Nm.
  • Cardan coupling for high shaft misalignment and hig angular misalignment.
  • Extremely low restoring forces.
  • For shaft diameters from 3mm - 55mm.
  • Easy and fast installation with clamp hubs.
  • Keyways on request
  • Optional stainless steel
  • Very low backlash for servo applications


  • Linear cardan coupling for a connection of two parts with very low backlash
  • Compensates high radial and high axial misalignment at very low restoring forces
  • Used preferably for mounting linear motors
  • Easy and fast assembly with male / female thread combination
  • Compensates high axial forces
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Force transmission from 200 - 13000N