Our strengths

Our strengths - Your advantages

We are a dynamic and growing enterprise with world wide distribution network. To be and to remain one of the major players in this market we are working hard every single day to be able to offer essential advantages!

Delivery Times:

Standard delivery times of 1 up to maximum 2 weeks are a standard here at KBK and nothing special. The difficult situation comes in case of a machine standstill and resulting production downtimes.

This is the point where we will be happy to help! Due to our modular systems we are able to manufacture customized bored - bellows couplings or servo-insert couplings within 2 hours and to ship with any parcel service our customers wish. Directly from stock we can ship almost all different kinds of locking devices and shrink discs.

Pricing and Quality:

The pressure to cut costs without loosing a quality standard can be found everywhere. By using KBK products you can safe on average 30% compared to other brands. Additionally, you will have the confidence that each single KBK product has gone through a 100% quality control. Frequent tests here in our facility as well as high precision manufacturing processes are the basis for the top quality and longest live - circles of our products.

Technical Service:

All KBK products are available in 3D - CAD format in our downloads - section. Additional file - types as well as dimensioning the perfect drive component for your specific applications are just a few points we do offer to our customers. Furthermore, we are offering customized solutions to all our different product ranges to be able to offer the perfect solution for every application.


Quality you can rely on! Certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2008